It may be assumed that it was not an explicitly stated criterion for Mrs. Results of the study showed that the grade of the social environment at work is associated with stress. Identify the environmental influence and the opportunity the influence affords. This is accomplished through the addition of a transverse section Fig. This version is shown in Figure 7.

The Canadian Style of Occupational Performance CMOP is based on a set of ideals and beliefs relating to occupation, person, environment, and client-centered practice Hagedorn, Identify the environmental influence and the opportunity the influence affords. The individual was in the centre of the model and therefore, by implication, was at the centre of the intervention. British Journal of Occupational Therapy. The environments included in the outer sphere are physical, institutional, cultural and social Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, and Sumsion,

A pilot occupational therapy community skills group created to enable individuals living with severe, chronic mental illness to have better outcomes.

cmop-e case study

She lives with her husband and does occasional bookkeeping for a local business. An overview of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure COPM that arose from the model is also presented, together with detailed information about its application with two clients.

In reality, the economic environment overlaps with all other environments, including the political one, where issues such as accessible c,op-e and buildings are of particular concern to occupational therapists Sumsion The person is situated at the centre of the model and is represented by a triangle.

Previously, she worked four or five 5 day shifts weekly; however, currently, her company was offering her fewer shifts weekly. cxse

Sarah is a perky, slender girl with blonde hair and blue eyes who was 9 years old at the time of the COPM interview. The target of this paper is certainly on the conversation between occupation and environment.


OTs have to consider the actual effectiveness of an occupation and the level of importance it retains or the amount of satisfaction it brings to the average person, family, group or firm. Occupational therapists are familiar with the affective, physical and cognitive performance components. Another assumption that informs the model is that occupations are contextually and developmentally determined and influenced.

Being able to maintain proper self-health care and attention allows the individual to be socially accepted. All therapists in Britain, as well as in Canada, are expected to provide services that are client-centred, as stated in the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct College of Occupational Therapists Therefore, any therapist committed to a client-centred approach would do well to explore this model.

Personal health care includes basic activities of daily living, such as for example bathing, dressing, or personal hygiene.

The COPM is a reliable, valid outcome measure that can be used in a wide variety of clinical settings to help occupational therapists work with clients. International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health.

cmop-e case study

She is interested in looking at research that uses the COPM to evaluate the effectiveness of new and emerging occupational therapy interventions. The institutional environment expected Mrs.

OT Conceptual Framework: Lecture 8

The political and economic environments are also often connected and have the potential to expand well beyond the boundaries of this discussion. The nature of the model allows for use among all age groups and with different diagnoses.

This could further indicate the role that occupation plays in health and well-being. Leisure is defined as occupations for enjoyment Csaep.

The need for more literature related to the application of the model in settings outside of Canada was also stressed Clarke It is also flexible enough to permit use with other assessment tools, although the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure COPM was developed as a tool for use with the model.


Although designed specifically for use by occupational therapists, the COPM has proven to be a useful tool for multidisciplinary teams, as the sthdy examples illustrate. Sparks cmp-e Cooper conducted a report to investigate the influence of seven job characteristics on mental and physical health. In addition to that, the successful use of the predecessor CMOP has shown that the model can be used in multicultural settings.

An group of occupational therapists provides intervention services for adults with rheumatoid cmpo-e, osteoarthritis or after total joint replacements. After becoming stabilized with medicine and getting treatment, she struggled with selecting and maintaining career but eventually found a job as a sales associate. This model placed the individual in the centre of many interacting spheres.

Applying the Canadian Model of Occupational Performance

She was observed to have dressed properly and was well kept. The model identifies the main domains that the profession has an interest in. It is within this dimension that individuals are presented with occupational opportunities. The outer circle of the model depicts the environment within which individuals exist and where occupations occur. Human occupation was shown in the third circle and was broken down into: The comparability and congruence of the model to the International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health ICF WHO, positions the framework at an international standard and highlighting a possibility of developing an occupation focused model into a health model based on occupation.

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