Press Apply and OK. This page is intended to contain examples of thesis MSc or PhD. For learning how to create layouts, I’ve heard that this is a good starting point: Also, please note that this website uses Google Analytics. However, you will probably use some graphics, maybe some other PDF and stuff like that. This will make main.

If anyone can be of any help, I will be eternally grateful. A simple LateX document would look like this: I have read several topics with the same problem, but I could not find a solution for my issue. In fact, it is buggy in several ways. Do not use my official university address, but miede at-sign web. But please understand that I am not your personal LaTeX e-mail support. Related Posts Presentation of my master thesis.

Lyx Thesis Template for Stanford University

For learning how to create layouts, I’ve heard that this is a good starting point: View Edit Upload History Print. For further clarification, the business school LaTeX template is here: Once you thssis those basics, you don’t neeD LyX anymore. Just as you mean it.

A collection of the postcards I received so far is available online at postcards. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Pyx you very much for your help. Microsoft Word, is that you do not mix content and styling.


lyx vorlage thesis

tuesis However, the imported file will have some problems: I did find some helpful information from your link, but ended up solving my problem by another easier route: My problems started when I realized that I do have LaTeX rules for writing a thesis at my university, but there is no easy way for me at least to implement it in LyX. Imported images are too big on the screen.

lyx vorlage thesis

If you write with Microsoft Word, you will always see lyxx document as the final result e. I wonder how we wrote our thesis more than a decade ago when such templates weren’t available It’s possible to insert another title page in the form of a PDF file as such.

Is there any hint on how I should do it, i. Thanks again for all the help!

Every book or article I read will get its own entry in this file. A LyX template for writing a dissertation at the University of Michigan.

Due to an increasing number of rather unnecessary e-mail requests: You can see sample pages at http: You will not have to worry about the layout, just the content. This will make main.


The thesis writing toolbox

So, basically, you are suggesting that I should forget about trying to do the thesis in LyX and instead just go with writing it directly using LaTeX? LyX’s thesis template Since version 2. PhilipPirrip PhilipPirrip 1, 1 6 My university offers an old LaTeX template as well, but I have problems with that as well. A bunch of things that started to cause headaches for me mainly when writing articles have just disappeared. The files do not use a “complete” layout file, therefore, it is not a “full” template yet.

Begin by changing the Document Class in vorlaye first category to Report Standard Class or, if that is unavailable on your system, something similar. Thanks, Nick and Ivo! This will probably save me during my own master thesis: To organize this, I simple use Dropbox.

The rest ToC, includes, etc.

How do we grade questions?

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