You will receive additional information about these days as well as other information about Timberstone in the August Timberstone Newsletter. Students should be careful in their initial course selections and adhere to these choices. Student who choose to bring these items to school are solely responsible for them. Be ready for lab. A student will be considered habitually truant under state law if the student is absent without a legitimate excuse See A through G under Excusable Reasons for Absence and PCA for seven 7 or more consecutive school days, for ten 10 or more school days in one 1 month, or twelve 12 or more school days in one 1 school year. Assign the student to an intervention program e.

It is understood by the substitute and students that a pupil sent to the office for lack of cooperation or inappropriate behavior will receive consequences per student code of conduct. This would include but not be limited to behaviors that persist after attempts to correct the behavior have been tried. Medically excused absences do not factor into these 10 days. McCord activities may have additional standards of good standing as described by each individual advisor or coach. The PCA forms must be completed and on file before the date s of the absence. Information regarding the policy shall be incorporated into employee training materials.

Students need to be technologically literate More information. Double sided sticky tape is not permitted. A student shall not violate federal copyright law.

A combination lock to secure all belongings is a good investment for peace of mind. Any student interested and willing to work cooperatively with other students and staff members toward bettering the school atmosphere is encouraged to run for election.

HW – read directions for Stain Removal Lab. While a hearing before the Board may occur in executive session, the Board must act in public. The meeting will open with a short business segment which will include the review of the officers for the school year and the selection of any open positions. Excessive show of affection. Provide a quiet time and space for your child to do homework. Please hold any magazine orders or renewals for our annual fall magazine sale this year, as well as in future years.


Applicable State or Federal laws and regulations relating to students with disabilities for example, where the incident involves a student with a disability and the misconduct is determined by a group of persons knowledgeable about the child to be a manifestation of the student s disability ; Or b.

Sylvania schools homework matrix

Work Missed Assignments for students who are absent will be available to be picked up after 3: A verbatim record will be kept of the hearing which will be held in executive session at the request of the student, parent, or guardian, if held before the Board. Observation or Celebration of a Bona fide Religious Holiday.

Violation of the policy upon a Board of Education employee or school guest or visitor will result in a suspension for ten 10 school days and automatic recommendation to the Superintendent of Schools for expulsion.

mccord junior high homework matrix

Please check the e-flyer page often as new flyers and exciting programs and opportunities for students are uploaded daily. Students in violation of this code may be removed from school or an activity and sent home to change. Although the school is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen equipment, if something does happen, contact the office and we will try to help.

Information regarding the policy shall be incorporated into employee training materials. Committing any act not listed herein as a major infraction that is a criminal offense when committed by an adult supervisor, shall not misuse or abuse such items, and shall not use such items to obtain, generate, or use information in an illegal or unethical manner or for illegal or unethical purposes.


The Superintendent shall refer any student expelled for brining a firearm as defined in 18 U.

McCord Junior High School

Property not claimed within 90 days is deemed to be abandoned and may be destroyed or donated to charity. Contact the main office for further information. A general rule is students will be allowed 1 day for make-up work for each day absent. For a complete list of locations, visit homeworl.

8th Grade Musical Theatre Performance

Printout of presentation Confidentiality agreement District dress code Campus More information. Our intent is mcckrd develop an atmosphere to enhance your opportunities to become involved and to enable you to build relationships of understanding and acceptance with your peers. Take the appropriate legal action.

We encourage parents to contact teachers at any time should a concern arise. Select the categories of events that you would like to view on this calendar 6.

A short sleeved shirt, pair of shorts, socks, and tennis shoes would be appropriate. Shorts that are at least mid-thigh may be worn during warm weather. Bus driving is a difficult task, and it is absolutely necessary that students cooperate fully with the bus driver.

mccord junior high homework matrix

Slander is the oral communication of a false and defamatory statement. Provide counseling to the student.

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