Some of these key words and phrases are discussed in detail. When a WisePill opening was not detected within 10 minutes, MedLink launched a dialog box asking if the participant has taken their medication yet. Tips for Avoiding Caregiver Burnout A tipsheet provided by the Foundation for Health in Aging that includes practical advice on how to best care for an older adult without becoming overwhelmed. J Am Med Inform Assoc ; Its purpose is to give health plans, providers, purchasers, consumers, and policymakers easy access to a variety of resources they can use to improve the delivery of care, inform decisions, and educate people about their health care needs. Interventions that drive both the provider and patient to engage in care are more successful than those that address only the provider or patient alone.

Free Smartphone Apps of Note Dont’s see your favorite apps? NIH – Office of Rare Diseases Find information on more than rare diseases, including current research, publications from scientific and medical journals, completed research, ongoing studies, and patient support groups. There are hundreds of health topics in Spanish as well as medical encyclopedia pages, interactive health tutorials, and information about professional medical associations and health-related organizations. Talking with Your Older Patient: Anthrax as a biological weapon Botulinum toxin as a biological weapon Plague as a biological weapon Smallpox as a biological weapon Tularemia as a biological weapon. Complementary and alternative medicine in multiple sclerosis Report of the Guideline Development Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology. Tuen’s website provides links to online medical books and journals, practice hints, practice guidelines, and other information.

Clin Ther ; These data were collected for the MedLink system, and not as part of study outcome measurement, which is described below. Of those, three found them useful reseaarch one did not.

Contributor Information David C. She spent 3 years working in a Medical Communications company, and has since worked on a freelance basis.

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It provides health topics, health tools, publications, statistics, campaign information, as well as some Spanish language resources. In addition to the full text guideline, this guideline also has an associated Clinician Summary [2-page download], Patient Summary [2-page download], and Case Study [3-page download].


medlink research paper 2015

These findings support the further development and evaluation of MedLink in a randomized controlled trial, to evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of improving processes of care, patient adherence and improvement in depression, as well as its extension to cover other common problems in pharmacotherapy in primary care, such as hypertension.

MedLink Design MedLink is intended to support the care of patients initiating a new prescription for an antidepressant, as non-adherence usually occurs in the first weeks after a new prescription. Communication mwdlink the physician was guided by our Supportive Accountability model [ 15 ], which indicates that patients are more likely to engage in behaviors if they know that a provider is receiving information about that behavior, and that they are likely to discuss that information at some point in the future.

Improving adherence in mood disorders: Other Consensus Statements Second consensus statement on the diagnosis of multiple system atrophy The results of a second consensus conference on the diagnosis of multiple system atrophy, held inpublished by the American Academy of Neurology in It also provides high-quality videos of patients with various neurologic conditions.

Participants received weekly alerts to read a very brief lesson and answer a short set of questions. Clare was a non-executive director of Avenue Healthcare Medlnk Management between and Most of these technologies have targeted either patients or providers. The final Physician report is displayed in Figure 3. Sophie started her career in medical publishing in when she joined the Blackwell publishing group as Technical Editor for the British Journal of Urology.

Comatose survivor outcome prediction after cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Based on the week 4 PAQ self-report, 5 J Clin Psychiatry ; Information on reserch congruent treatment was softened to recommendations.

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It provides streaming video segments of each step of the neurologic exam. User feedback interviews were conducted to collect qualitative data regarding usability.


medlink research paper 2015

Overall, there were no differences between depressed and non-depressed patients in using the system, except in a task that involved interrupting the patient while engaging in a task in the app; depressed patients had significantly longer recovery times, however they were able to successfully recover.

We conducted 2 focus groups with 10 physicians each. Patients launched the MedLink app an average of Challenge Your Parkinson Disease Symptoms: Given mddlink number of patient factors driving non-adherence, the failure of physicians to optimize the treatment regimen, and lack of communication between the two, it is not surprising that adherence rates are low and treatment outcomes are poor for antidepressant medications in general medicine.

A Clinician’s Handbook A link to the National Institute on Aging’s clinician’s handbook on how to successfully interact with older patients.

These were presented to the group of physicians in the medllink focus group meeting, who uniformly preferred one mock-up and suggested minor modifications, which were made.

Lessons written by authors D. There were mixed feelings about specific paoer recommendations, with some stating it would be useful and some expressing concerns that clear recommendations could present a legal liability if their clinical judgment led them to a course of action that was different from the recommendation. Outcomes are poor due to failure points across the care system, including patient non-adherence, failure of physicians to optimize the treatment rseearch, and lack of patient-physician communication.

Comments generally reflected the usefulness of the information; although one patient who was in concurrent psychotherapy commented that there was nothing new in the information.

medlink research paper 2015

MedLink is intended to support the establishment of durable medication taking behaviors, communication between the patient and physician, and decision making 20015 the physician. As anticipated, only four of the physicians remembered receiving the physician feedback sheets.

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