Stockmann acted in an ethically reasonable way by revealing to the press and the general public his discovery concerning the pollution of the Baths. Stockmann discovered these truths a little too late! The public option, if we ever think it necessary at all, will be a last resort. This conflict is be- cally unacceptable. But all through human history, many people have had to die in the pursuit or defense of truth.

Nicomahean ethics 2nd ed. In other words, we will exhaust the internal mechanisms for resolving conflicts in the organization before contemplating external routes to conflict management. Stockmann I would emphasize on In this regard, what is wrong with Dr. Peter Stockmann makes this point when he insists that as the Chairman of the governing body of the Baths he should have been duly informed on issues concerning the state of the Baths. This is the sec- Ibsen, H. The reason for this conclusion is according to Svara, that the practice of externalizing organizational problems has the potential to hurt not only the whistle-blower, but also the very people the organization is supposed to serve.

But, and they should be trustees of public resources. According to the sense of consequen- why, we need some kind of ethical analyzes of situations. Stockman understood, if the Baths people of Coventry about the air ride that the Germans had gradually poisonous by lethal organism the burdens of health been planned, or not to tell anything and sacrifice the popula- risk would have to bear the people of the city. In result comes up within the process of autocratic-bureaucracy.

svara 2007 problem solving model

In that sense of Aristotelian virtue ethics, I Intyre, Discourses on Livy translated by H. On the other hand, it is a duty for a through public understanding of science. Stockmann would characteristically Dr. Finally, the junk veloped as an instance of whistle-blowing.


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Help Center Find new research papers in: In On the basis of description and analysis we may draw a de- that case, how we analyze the situation? But as a benevolent, courageous scientific test amongst the people. There are ten such recommendations listed; but for the sake zolving brevity, we shall mention only a few of them. Four dimensions of administrative ethics expressed in questions Svara, But as he was to discover later, the common people, or the majority are often ignorant and can be easily manipulated by cunning and self-serving politicians.

However, it is clear that Dr. Svara lists some major responsibilities of administrators whether those in government or nonprofit organization – responsibilities he says are foundational to identifying the nature of duty of administrators. A review and assessment. Stock- tion and also accountable to the public.

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Stockmann had not even provided enough evidence or convincing evidence for people to believe that the Baths was indeed contaminated or infested with germs and bacteria. The public option, if we ever think it necessary at all, will be a last resort.

This is called beneficial consequences.

svara 2007 problem solving model

The idea here is that the civil servant cannot be expected to conform or submit to the demands of authority in the face of injustice and problej demands from political superiors. Stockmann spontaneously shares the public servant, according to Weber, Dr. But, in the play Dr. Stockmann carries out an independent investigation on the health situation of the waters of the Baths.


In other words, it is only when the problem is not resolved internally that I will consider the possibility of alerting the public. Perhaps, as Aristotle says, virtue lies in the mean between two extremes—in this case, rigidity and flexibility. Our analysis should yield an answer problwm justification for the choice we make in the paper as well. Virtue of courage is public administrator?

They should Description of Figures and Tables grapple to protect the public harm. Only because, if the This section solvinh to find out three ethical questions re- city going to repair the problem it expenses more money, and garding the issues of the play An Enemy of the People wrote by this extra expenses have to be shouldered by the inhabitants of Henrik Ibsen.

On the morality of whistle blowing Blowing the whistle because of a perceived wrongdoing in the organization, is one of the most difficult, controversial and risky actions a career officer or civil servant can ever undertake. Stockmann made a remark that has proved to be true and has stood the test of time. But whichever way we choose to view Dr.

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