You can also you older theses as a baseline for these requirements. And the guidelines say that text should use double space. Insert the code into the opened document and then save and close. I figured it out but it wasn’t obvious. Unicorn Meta Zoo 3:

Select the syntax-highlighted code and click copy. When you cross reference caption it inserts entire code itself to how to solve this problem? What do you suggest as an alternative? KonVas KonVas 91 1 5. Steps to achieve syntax highlighting are listed below: Thanks to this blog for providing this information – http:

Some of the examples will be written from the IDE, and others would be written in place. Needless to say, this looks like crap. Aleksandr Blekh Aleksandr Blekh Note that some editors e.

How to format code in a thesis (Word document)? – Academia Stack Exchange

I am pretty sure there are some decent methods out there. Then they can easily be edited globally later. And let’s admit it, Word is not great at managing multiple images on a document. Link does not work.


You can now make cross references, create a table of figures. However, it would be very nice if there were a way to add a real code style, thseis. The “quick” way would be to copy and paste from another program where the text is already coloured. You can using Plugin Syntax Highlight in Ms.

Instead you should create paragraph and character styles and apply them as you go along. You can only interact with it by double-clicking it. A new pop-up will be presented. Then, I copy and paste in an embedded object word document in Word editor.

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I recently came across this post formatierej found some useful hints. Use an automated tool. That is because, the website is using html and css to achieve the background color see the. Open the website provided above in chrome and Copy the code snippet in the text area.

How to format code in a thesis Word document? What it does do is support dozens of languages, whereas the aforementioned IDEs are thesi to a handful each without other plug-ins.


I have to write some documents that will include source code examples. Meatyflesh Meatyflesh 1 3. Post as a guest Name. Sign up using Email and Password. Code snippet shall have spell-check disabled.

thesis formatieren word

How do we grade questions? You paste in your source code and apply the “Code” style to it.

Is there at least some sort of verbatim style similar to the LaTeX environment? MartinofHessle pardon me, but I didn’t understand your last statement. This however does not automatically add style to keywords, numbers, strings etc. Use external tool to achieve syntax highlighting requirement 1 above.

thesis formatieren word

And the guidelines say that text should use double space. Bold highlighting may be a halfway house, if the highlighting is important, as might greyscales though be careful with readability.

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