This inward function of the language makes revitalization and language-learning work not just relevant, but also meaningful on a deep level. The six participants and other key characters whom I introduce here have agreed to be identified by their real names. This suggestion prompted an immediate and visceral response; I am sure that I heard the linguists in the room gasp. At other times I offer an introduction based simply on a feeling of what is right to do in that situation. Understanding that schools and the public education system have been and continue to be some of the main mechanisms of colonization creates an ethical challenge as I struggle to locate myself as an Indigenous woman within that system. However, the border design of a button blanket is intended to tell a more personal story. Always feeding the guests.

However, these phases can also be considered principles that operate fluidly throughout the process. The stories that I present in this dissertation have a life that continues beyond these pages. Now, it is clear that I was making a common mistake in language learning: In my case, language learning would not be an Indigenizing process if I approached the language simply as a symbolic system of communication. However, many examples of scholarship and curriculum are founded on Indigenous place-based knowledge and personal experience that include the kind of critique for which she called e. Stephen Cook, a formidable super-missionized woman who was a matriarch of a large household, lay preacher and interpreter of the Bible, and a person of great influence among the Indian women of Alert Bay.

These extensive and detailed works and, indeed, the field notes that produced them are of great help in bringing to light words and ways of speaking that are not in use today. Working with immigrants and refugees in a Canadian urban centre is full of challenges.

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My research questions are: Trisg importance of their survival, and therefore the need to commit to the urgent work needed to revitalize our languages, cannot be understated. I long ago switched to down quilts that let me have the satisfaction of a made bed with no more than a shake or two in the morning.


What I look for in this work are not ways to take me into the past, but for those consistent threads that take me into today, where I can announce the birth of a baby with a text message. Others are more open to the possibilities of transformation.

I am aware that I must be careful not to exploit the trust of Indigenous people as I look to collaborate with them in my professional capacity. In the context of the constant assault on Indigenous identities and languages, what might otherwise be taken as normal banter and teasing instead cuts deep and paralyzes.

Recently, I asked Dissertatkon what she remembers about that experience. Mike Willie expressed this connection in these terms: I agree with Grande that Indigenous research must be decolonizing.

trish rosborough dissertation

In chapter six, the concluding chapter of this dissertation, I summarize my work by responding directly to my research questions.

How fortunate we were to be immersed in their home and for my small children to be so close to their great-grandparents.

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I reflect on the words of an Elder: Button blankets are ceremonial robes that some of the Indigenous peoples of northwestern North America use. The stories and content for this research began long before my study and will continue beyond the culmination of my doctoral studies. I spent ten lost years of my life there. Engagement approaches such as M-A and learning in community and family contexts are helpful in using the language in real situations.

trish rosborough dissertation

Rather, literature pertinent to each section is reviewed throughout the thesis. Within the fields of language revitalization and Indigenous studies, the practices and policies of colonization have been identified dissertaion key factors in Indigenous language decline.

I hope that my research will contribute to a greater understanding and further articulation of Indigenous methodologies. Common to Indigenous peoples in Canada is the experience of colonization.


trish rosborough dissertation

It is not only that those who know the ceremonies and the languages have a role to play in the revitalization and decolonization of our communities, but also that those of us who know of our ceremonies and languages can understand the need to regenerate our ways. However, as Marianne explained: It would be a positive act to acknowledge that the knowledge we do have can be of critical importance to rosbkrough language recovery work, but instead we sometimes dismiss this knowledge and perhaps even try to strip it away e.

Watch an interview with Tom here. Many were forbidden to speak their rosborokgh and practice their own culture.

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I agree with the view that language and culture are inextricably linked. Learning in relationship in the context of real-life experience is important; however, busy 21st-century lifestyles make it difficult to spend as much time as we might desire or is necessary in such contexts.

Essay my favorite game basketball. She would let me use the things in it when I was making something. For instance, it may seem necessary to assert the importance of Indigenous territories or for the people in the audience to hear Indigenous languages being spoken. Diwsertation has become one of the most frequently referenced resources in my language learning. I identify as an Indigenous rosboough and am tied strongly to my family, my community, and my nation.

While I work with the personal, it is a critical challenge to ensure that the research develops meaning beyond the personal. The term refers to acting trsih integrity and being mindful of respecting community values and protocols.

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